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Magnetic Device

ULVAC offers cutting-edge magnetic material processing technologies for magnetic sensors and for MRAM and other forms of nonvolatile memory.


Ultra-High Vacuum Sputtering System for R&D
MPS Series


ULVAC's MPS Series are a new type developed using our wealth of experience and extensive sales record. Discharge can be maintained at a pressure, about one order of magnitude lower than the conventional sputter discharge pressure. The use of long throw sputtering enables better film thickness uniformity, and the diagonal incidence configuration is ideal for co-sputter and multilayer films.

Magnetic Multilayer Cluster Tool
MagestTM S200


MagestTM S200 provides the multi-layer deposition of ultra thin films under the ultra high vacuum condition and is applicable for the deposition of various materials by RF or DC sputtering.


Small Evaporation System for R&D


This is an evaporation system for R&D use for the deposition of metal films and oxide films by using an EB gun and resistance heating evaporation sources.

Load-lock type Evaporation System


CV-200 consists of two chambers; a load-lock chamber and an evaporation chamber. Employing the load-lock type system enables the process to be carried out in a constantly clean environment. It also provides superior film repeatability. Application ranges from R&D use to small production.

Batch-type High Vacuum Evaroration System
ei Series


This is a batch type high vacuum evaporation system for the deposition of metal and oxide on a substrate. Since the operation panel of this system has an integrated control function that realizes automated vacuum and deposition process, it is recommended for R&D use as well as for small-scale manufacturing.


Compact Etcher for Reserch & Development


This laboratory etching system is available with various combinations of features, such as atmospheric cassettes, single wafer atmospheric transfer, and vacuum transfer. With touch panel operation, it is possible to automatically control substrate transfer, evacuation, and etching. Small footprint thanks to integration of mechanical and electrial components.

High-Density Plasma Etching System for R&D


NE550EX is a multipurpose high-density plasma etching system, especially for test facilities such as universities and government agencies.

Dry Etching System for Production


Dry etching system for high volume production with good cost performance and wide selection of tool configuration.