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YTP Series

Turbo Molecular Pump System
YTP Series

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The YTP series are simple high-vacuum pump system that consist of an ULVAC turbo molecular pump (UTM series pump), rotary pump, forevalve, Pirani vacuum gauge and control system. A single unit can evacuate from atmospheric pressure down to high vacuums.


  • Two types are available:
    Automatic operation type (YTP-SA series) and manual operation type (YTP-M series). In addition, 4 evacuation speeds can be selected.
  • During power failures, the forevalve closes automatically, and the atmosphere in the rotary pump is vented automatically.
    The pump system doesn't operate when the power is restored.
  • The turbo molecular pump uses fluorine-based oil with a saturation vapor pressure of around 10-11 Pa (at 20ºC), so the atmosphere stays completely oil-free.
  • The turbo molecular pump uses high-performance bearings, so doesn't require time-consuming oil changes or bearing replacements.


  • As evacuation systems for analysis equipment
  • As rough vacuum pumps for accelerators and beam lines
  • As high-vacuum pump system for laboratory equipment


Model YTP- 50M/SA
YTP- 150M/SA
YTP- 300M/SA
YTP- 500M/SA *1
TMP inlet port flange size ICF 114 152 203
VG *1 65 100 150
TMP ultimate pressure  *2  *3 10-7 Pa order 10-8 Pa order
TMP pumping speed  *3  *4 N2 50L/s 190L/s 300L/s 550L/s
TMP bearing type Top : Permanent magnet bearings ; Bottom : Pivot bearings
RP ultimate pressure 6.7 x 10-2 Pa
RP pumping speed 50Hz 50L/min 135L/min 200L/min
60Hz 60L/min 162L/min 240L/min
TMP back-pressure/rough evacuation monitor Pirani vacuum gauge (2.7 x 103~2.7 x 10-1 Pa)
Input voltage Single-phase AC100V (50/60Hz)
( )Scroll type dry vacuum pumps model


Value after bake-out of turbo molecular pump alone.
*2 Value measured in accordance with JVIS005 standard, or calculated value based on it
*3 Pumping speed obtained with no protective metal net installed.

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