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UTM-MI Series

Turbo molecular pump with integrated controller

Turbo molecular pump
UTM-MI Series

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Controller integrated turbo molecular pump with magnetic bearings
saves wiring work and installation space.


■Controller integrated with the pump body
No wiring work between pump body and controller.
■Free mounting direction
Free mounting direction makes the system design flexible.
■5 models from 1000L/s to 4000L/s class.
■Wide range and high flow for the light processes.
■Pump rotation variable from 25% to 100%
Enabling the pressure adjustment in a chamber.
■High durability and safety
Safety confirmation tests are passed, such as air rushing-in test and touch down test.


■Main vacuum pumping system for equipment
  ・Semiconductor equipment
  ・Sputtering system
  ・Analytical equipment
  ・Experimental device and etc.
■Main vacuum pumping system for the light processes that do not generate side reaction products.
■Replacement from oil diffusion pumps
■General use for high vacuum evacuation system.



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