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Ion Pump Control

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The GST-07L-B is a sputter ion pump controller which features sophisticated functions and high-grade reliability. It is the product of ULVAC' s extensive technological reserves and long track record of proven performance in the ultra-high vacuum field.


  • Compact size and light weightMulti-function performance enabled by CPUControl of all sputter ion pumps (PST series) possible using one controller
  • Communication functions provided as standard featuresRemote control and automated operations are made possible by the external communication control functions which have been provided as standard features.
  • XHV supported Pump cell contamination can be reduced to the absolute minimum by the automatic start circuit and soft start functions. (-Patent No. 1340297, etc. pending)
  • Improved safety functionsThe controller comes with a function which prevents the erroneous operation of its function switches and with interlock functions for protection.Fluorocarbon resin high-voltage cables with excellent resistance to the heat and cold and superb electrical characteristics are used.Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS directive)-supportedCE marking-supported


  • Accelerators
  • Electron microscopes
  • Analyzers


Attachable pump Actor pump (all models in PST series)
Operating pressure 10-2 to 10-4Pa or lower
Display ranges Display method Digital display (on 7-segment LEDs)
Display contents
a) Output current display Automatic selection of 2 ranges: mA, μA (linear display)
b) Output voltage display 0.0 to 7.5 kV (H or L) (1-range linear display)
c) Pressure display Pa, mbr
Output release voltage DC+7.5kV
(2points, high and low, selectable using front panel switch; high/low voltage setting adjustable from approx.1.0 to 7.5kV using trimmer)
Output current Less than DC31mA
Input voltage/current AC100〜115V±10% • 50/60Hz • 3.0A
AC200〜240V±10% • 50/60Hz • 1.5A
MONITOR terminal output signal Output of signals proportionate to 7-segment panel display,DC 0 to 10V full scale for each range, more than 100kΩ
Pressure setting point 2 points
REMOTE/LOCAL Selectable using from panel switch
External control functions Various input/output functions provided (REMOTE connector provided) (Remote, RS-232C communication control)
Protection functions Error display/various protection functions provided
High voltage(HV) output shutdown ERR 0 to 5 light
Timer setting for startup protection (adjustable from 1 to 255 minutes) Automatic reserving after power failure (HV hold switch operation)
Ambient operating conditions Temperature 0〜40ºC
Humidity Less than 85% (no dew)
Accessories Output cable (5m), input cable (3m)
Weight Main unit: approx. 4kg, cables: approx. 1.0kg (standard)
Dimensions W x H x D 240 x 99 x 370 mm {200 x 99 x 370 mm (Except rack mounting bracket)}

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