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GP-G Series

Pirani Vacuum Gauge
GP-G Series

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This series is a pirani vacuum gauge utilizing  heat conduction of a gas.A platinum wire is used, therefore, the units will not break even at atmospheric pressure.The gauges have a wide range of applications and can easily measure pressures in the low vacuum range.
Various types of interlocks and pumping sequence control are available within a set point.


  • Low vacuum region is measured:
    Constant temperature pirani vacuum gauge that work using the thermal conduction of gas
  • Interchangeable sensor heads:
    Employs sensor heads from the WP series
  • Corrosion-resistant platinum(Pt) is employed as filament material
  • Vacuum level output signal:
    Pressure is 0 to 10V Log output
  • Digital output:
    BCD output (GP-1000G)
  • Serial communication specification:
    RS232C communication (GP-1000G)
  • Control output signal:
    Set point  2 pcs available from GP-1GRY/GP-2GR and 3 pcs from GP-1000/GP-2001G/GP-2002G.
    GP-2002G provides 3 set points.
  • LED Monitor for crisp display:
    4.5-digits display (GP-2001G/GP-2002G)
  • Compact in size, 96×48DIN standard (GP-2001G/GP-2002G)Quick response to pressure changes


  • Pressure measurement in roughing pumping systems
  • Pressure monitoring in various vacuum pumping systems
  • Interlocks, sequencing, and other control system related functions for practical vacuum equipment
  • Process control of various vacuum equipment

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