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Pirani Vacuum Gauge

G-TRAN Series Atmospheric Pirani Vaccum Gauge


This is a wide range pirani vaccum gauge which measures from atmospheric pressure to 5 x 10-2 Pa. In addition, this gauge removes control and display panels from traditional controllers, keeping the minimum necessary functions only, thus saving cost and space.

Digital Pirani Vacuum Gauge


GP-1000G (GP-2000G) is a constant-temperature Pirani vacuum gauge that works using the thermal conduction of gas. Digital output and set point output are provided standard, as vacuum system control features. To enable effective use of system panels, GP-1000G (GP-2000G) has been given a more compact design. Eco-friendly and RoHS compliant.

Pirani Vacuum Gauge
GP-G Series


This series is a pirani vacuum gauge utilizing  heat conduction of a gas.A platinum wire is used, therefore, the units will not break even at atmospheric pressure.The gauges have a wide range of applications and can easily measure pressures in the low vacuum range.
Various types of interlocks and pumping sequence control are available within a set point.

G-Tran Series Pirani Gauge


The sensor unit SP1 is an integrated pirani gauge consisting of the WP series sensor head  and circuits, for the range of 3000 to 0.4Pa (22 to 3 x 10-3 torr/ 3 to 4 x 10-3mbar).

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