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Ionization Vacuum Gauge

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This series is hot cathode type ionization vacuum gauge, capable of measuring pressure in the 9.9 to 5 x 10-8 Pa (7.4 x 10-2 to 3.75 x10-10 Torr,  9.9 x 10-2 to 5 x 10-10 mbar)(Metal gauge, GI-M2), 6.7 x 10-1 to 10-6 Pa (5 x 10-3 to 9.75 x10-9 Torr,  6.7 x 10-3 to 1.3 x 10-8 mbar)(Glass gauge, GI-D7) range using triode tube or B-A type sensor heads.


  • Can measure a wide pressure range from 9.9 to 5×10-8Pa (GI-M2)
    (7.4 x 10-2 to 3.75 x10-10 Torr,  9.9 x 10-2 to 5 x 10-10 mbar)
  • 2 types vacuum tube, metal and glass:
    Sensor head selected depending on the application (bare type also available)
  • Small-sized metallic sensor head prevents it from breaking (GI-M2)
  • Sensitivity setup can be changed for different gases.  Allowing even more accurate pressure measurement.
  • Ideal for fixing the measurement range
  • 2 set points output
  • Switch 1/2 filament, sensitivity setting, range hold function, Degas
  • RS232C communication
  • BCD output
  • Pressure is 0 to 10V Log output  (psudo-log output)




  • Sputtering system
  • Vacuum evaporation system (Turbo-molecular pump type)
  • Pressure measurement for other general ultra-high vacuum pumping system


  • Vacuum heat treatment furnace
  • Vacuum brazing furnace
  • Vacuum evaporation system(diffusion pump type)
  • Process control for furnaces and other industrial equipment

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