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Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo Molecular Pump UTM70B

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UTM70B is the compound turbo molecular pump with the ceramic ball bearings,

and has excellent compression ratio. Compact design by integrated controller

design. Excellent high back pressure performance allows to use smaller backing



・No limitation in the mounting direction
  The degree of freedom in system design is highbecause of free mounting direction.
・On-board controller
 Integrated controller to the pump body is capable to reduce wire work and downsize pumping system.
・High compression ratio and high back pressure
 High compression ratio made it possible to run the pump at high back pressure and downsize its backing pump.
・Three kinds of flange
 Inlet port flange is selectable from VG65,ICF114 and ISO63-K.
・Clean vacuum environment
 Less back flow of hydrocarbon gases while both the pump is running and stopping.
・Low noise
 Noise level at the no load is 48dB(A) or less.
   (with ISO63-K flange)


・Main pumping system for analytical equipments , R&D
 system, experimental devices, etc.
・Main pumping system for evaporators and sputtering system, etc.
・Main pumping system to evacuate low molecule gases such as H2, He, etc.


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