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Software for Gas Analysis Qulee QCS

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"Qulee QCS" is a software package for gas analyzers and process monitors manufactured by ULVAC."Qulee QCS" is suitable for all Quadrupole gas spectrometers made by ULVAC. Older software can be upgraded to this QCS version.Data acquisition and saving data is carried out by simple key s trokes.


・QCS is Standard software for the Qulee Series RGA units
 Qulee QCS Ver.3.1 : Qulee CGM/Qulee RGM
 Qulee QCS Ver.4.0 : Qulee BGM2/Qulee HGM2
 (Windows 7/8/10)
・Simple Operation
 Easy operation with use of short cut buttons
・Various Measurement Modes
 Options include scan mode, trend mode, analog
 mode, sensitivitycalibration mode
・Leak-test Function
 Easy leak check by using the helium leak test mode
・Indication of Gas Composition Name
 Able to display the gas composition name in scan and
 trend mode
・Recipe Setting
 Measurement-condition control by creating simple
 recipe programs
・Able to integrate up to 16 RGA units
( Qulee BGM2/Qulee HGM2)
 Simultaneously control up to 16 units (Ethernet)
・Able to Integrate Up to 8 RGA Units
( Qulee CGM/Qulee RGM)
 Simultaneously control up to 8 units in various modes
・Various Functions
 Able to combine data
 Able to subtract background noise.
 Able to integrate various functions of the region
 Ion source and secondary electron multiplier
 protection and maintenance management function.
 Traceability management function of the analysis
 tube. (patent:5016031)
 Simultaneous recording analog data in 2 points.
 Possible to set 2 partial pressure outputs. (in the
 trend mode measurement)
 Able to lock password
・Data Storing Function Using CSV Format
 Capable of storing in CSV format retreavable by
 using the table calculation software


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