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High Performance Process Gas Monitor Qulee HGM2 Series

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ULVAC’s new “Qulee HGM2” residual gas analyzer series with revolutionary simplicity of use.
Offers highest sensitivity of all models at 2.5 × 10-6 A/Pa (3.3 × 10-4A/Torr,2.5 × 10-4A/mbar), Qulee HGM2
can meet the needs of various R&D and other vacuum system proce ss monitoring.(Ethernet compatible)


・Most Appropriate for R&D Applications
 Offers highest sensitivity 2.5×10-6A/Pa (3.3×10-4A/Torr, 2.5×10-4A/mbar)
・Communication interface Ethernet compatible
・Integrated Display No need for PC
・Simple Operation "One Click" function
・Bake Out
 Max 250℃ (482℉) high temperature bake (300℃ (572℉)
 when the sensors are removed)
・Degas Function Electron bombard degas
 Filament, ion source, and secondary electron
 multiplier are easy to replace
・Protection and Maintenance Features
 Unit offers protection and maintenance of ion source
 and secondary electron multiplier Traceability of analysis tube (Japanese Patent No. 5016031)
・Various Leak Tests are Available
 Helium leak test, air leak test, leak up
・Total Pressure Measurement
 Capable of total pressure measurement (ionization gauge)
・Qulee QCS is Included
 This software is included and compatible with (Windows 7/8/10)
・Applicable Standard Conforms with CE


・R&D such as thermal desorption gas analysis
・Residual gas analysis for ultra-high vacuum pumping equipment, etc
・Trace impurities in gas
・R&D for photovoltaic field
・Analysis of organic compound
・Environmental measurements


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