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TVU-FV Series

Ultra-High Vacuum Zero-Length Viewing Ports
TVU-FV Series

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TVU-FV Series Ultra-High Vacuum Zero Length Viewing Windows

The TVU-FV Series are viewing ports with a wide field of view. They enable observations of ultra-high vacuum in vacuum containers, from the atmosphere side. Their connecting flanges are knife-edge metal-seal bakeable types for vacuum systems.


  • Windows are thin, providing wide field of view.
  • Glass has high transparency rate in visible spectrum.
  • Support bake-out at temperatures up to 420ºC.
  • Can be used from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum.


  • Observing inside of vacuum containers in ultra-high vacuum systems


Leak rate 1.3 x 10-11Pa·m3/s max.
Operational temperature 420ºC max. (temperature variation rate 20ºC/minute max.)
Material Glass window Borosilicate glass (glass for copal sealing)
Support cylinder Copal metal
Flange Austenitic stainless steel


Model Flange (*1)
TVU100FV CF152
TVU150FV CF203
*1 Flanges conform to international ISO/Pneurop standards, and can be connected to other flanges conforming to these standards.

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