ULVAC Research and Development Institutes

ULVAC possesses research and development insitutes as its group's think tank in order to meet the lastest process needs from their customers by providing solution from various points of view including equipment, processes and materials.

Institute of Semiconductor & Electronics Technologies


The Institute of Semiconductor & Electronics Technologies focuses on the development of next-generation semiconductor manufacturing technologies including state-of-the-art Cu metallization technology and emerging nonvolatile memory technology as well as next-generation environment and energy related technologies such as LEDs, power devices and thin-film lithium batteries with an eye to finding the optimal combination of manufacturing equipment, processes and materials in order to provide customers with the best manufacturing technology solutions.

Institute for Super Materials


The Chiba Institute for Super Materials develops thin-film deposition processes for a wide range of fields including FPDs, solar cells, electronic parts and many other kinds of films as well as manufacturing processes for high-purity materials, magnetic materials and nano-inks. It promotes development to realize innovative next-generation manufacturing technologies for more advanced functions, higher reliability and improved productivity.

Future Technology Research Laboratory

The Future Technology Research Laboratory was established in July 2015 to develop long-term growth seeds, pursuing provision of the materials and technologies that can innovate on next-generation devices and the revolutionary technologies that can solve the global enviromental and energy issues.

Research & Development Division


The Research & Development Division promotes development of MEMS, biosensors, solar cell related measuring instruments and other new fields. It also develops fine mechatronics technologies, vacuum pumps, vacuum measuring instruments, electron and ion application technologies as well as technologies for other fields, contributing to improvement of function and the reliability of various systems.