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Vacuum Evaporation System

Load-lock type
Evaporation SystemCV-200

CV-200 consists of two chambers; a load-lock chamber and an evaporation chamber. Employing the load-lock type system enables the process to be carried out in a constantly clean environment. It also provides superior film repeatability. Application ranges from R&D use to small production.


  • Load-lock type system to support high vacuum processes.
  • Supports various substrate sizes.
  • Supports substrate holder transfer.
  • Supports lift-off deposition (standard; φ4 inch, option; up to φ6).
  • Supports various evaporation sources (i.e. EB,RH, etc.).
  • Supports high temperature heating (maximum of 450ºC).
  • Vacuum box-enabled indirect sequential processing within C-series

    (Sputter: CS-200, P-CVD: CC-200, Polymerizing evaporation: CP-200).


  • Power devices
  • Compound-related devices of LED, LD and highspeed devices
  • Organic EL material system for R&D use
  • Oxide evaporation of liquid crystal alignment layers

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