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Freeze Drying / Vacuum Drying System

MicropowderdryTM SystemμPD Series

Micro Powder Dry is original and revolutional technology of ULVAC for freeze drying(lyophilizing) that renders liquids completely dry, through spraying under vacuum. ULVAC Inc also has developed a fully packaged process system for sterile production, including powder filling and capping.


  • Self frozen through rapid freezing process
  • Spherical shape powder by freezing in air under vacuum
  • Homogeneous concentration of powder by freezing from liquid droplet
  • High speed drying due to larger surface area of frozen material
  • Small particle sized freeze dried powder
  • High uniformity in particle size
  • Reduced process such as milling, classifying and others


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health care materials
  • Foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronic material


μPD400 LyoMoment
Particle Size 100μ to 400μ 50μm to 100μm
Capacity 5L 100ml
Shelf Temp. Control Range -40ºC to 60ºC -15ºC to 30ºC
Vacuum Control Range 5Pa to 30Pa N/A
Cold Trap Temp. -60ºC -60ºC
Required Space 1500W×1700L×3300H 620W×800L×1300H

Size distribution of dried power by using micropowder dry system (100µm nozzle)


Size distribution of dried power by using micropowder dry system (200µm nozzle)


SEM Image

Sample : Mannitol aqueous solution

Nozzle size : 400µm


Reconstitution characteristic of dried power by using micropowder dry system

Sample : Albumin

Nozzle size : 100µm

Particle Distribution


Reconstitution characteristic


Albumin powder dried through the micropowder system shows three times faster reconstitution, compared to normally dried (freeze dry) albumin

Activity characteristic of dried power by using micropowder system

Sample :Enzyme
 Collagenase type 4 0.18wt%
 (CLS4, Worthington)
 Phosphate buffer 0.14wt%
 Mannitol 1.82wt%

Nozzle size : 100µm

Drying time : 23 hour


SEM Image


Equipment outline drawing


Flexibility in size, suitable for research and experiments or production use.



Table top Micropowder Dry model, suitable for education and even for general use. Developed and optimized for basic research purpose basic research purpose


Weight:Approximately 80kg

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