ULVAC to Launch the GR Series of Dry Vacuum Pumps for General Industry
- Realization of significant cost reductions -

October 15, 2012 ULVAC, Inc.

ULVAC, Inc. (Headquarters: Chigasaki, Kanagawa; President and CEO: Hisaharu Obinata; hereafter referred to as ULVAC), which has commercialized the GR Series of dry vacuum pumps for general industry, is pleased to announce that the company will launch this series in October 2012.


Dry vacuum pumps are primarily used on semiconductor, display, solar cell, and other similar production lines. In contrast, oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps are primarily used for general industry applications such as automobiles, metals, and food. In general industry, vacuum devices are often used in applications where emitted gases contain water or solvents. Because oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps require frequent oil change, there are strong needs to shift to dry vacuum pumps. However, such a shift has not yet been realized because dry vacuum pumps have more complicated structures and are therefore more expensive than oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps. In response, ULVAC has developed and commercialized the GR Series of dry vacuum pumps, which are equipped with the minimum necessary functions.


To meet the needs of general industry customers, ULVAC has realized significant cost reductions by commercializing the GR Series based on our LR/HR Series of dry vacuum pumps, which have a proven track record with our many customers in the semiconductor and display industries,.
This series has the following features:

1. Prices have been reduced significantly by eliminating functions other than the basic functions of dry vacuum pumps.

2. These products can be used for high-load applications, such as repetitive atmospheric pressure/vacuum evacuation.

3. These products are the most suitable way to quickly evacuate large chambers.

4. These products support general-purpose induction motors. Special environment motors, such as a pressure/explosion-proof motor, can also be installed (optional).

5. To support a wide range of voltages, a 200- voltage class motor and a multi-voltage motor (220 V to 460 V) are available.


Dry Vacuum Pump GR90A

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