ULVAC to Launch the EGN Series of EB Guns for Metal Deposition
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October 15, 2012 ULVAC, Inc.

ULVAC, Inc. (Headquarters: Chigasaki, Kanagawa; President and CEO: Hisaharu Obinata; hereafter referred to as ULVAC) is pleased to announce that the company has developed and commercialized a new type of electron beam evaporation source for metal deposition (EB guns for metal) to be called the EGN Series. The series will be launched in November 2012.


Evaporated metallic materials often attach strongly to the electron beam evaporation source during metal deposition. Removing such materials during cleaning comprises the bulk of maintenance work. For this reason, it is ideal if electron beam evaporation sources do not have any pieces above the evaporation front of the material. With a focus on improving maintainability, ULVAC has developed and commercialized a new type of EB gun.


In this new type of EB gun for metal deposition, the EGN Series, a flat-top structure has been realized by thoroughly reviewing the parts layout and adopting hearth covers (hearth decks) as thin as 15 mm. As a result, the area where attached materials must be removed during cleaning is now one-third to one-fourth the size of that of conventional models, allowing maintenance to be performed in less time.

This new series has the following features:

1. Cleaning is easy because the area of the electron beam evaporation source where metallic materials can attach is smaller.

2. Assembly is easier because the electrode parts use a two-sided positioning structure and the number of parts has been reduced to two-thirds that of conventional models.

3. A dedicated cover is installed to the deflection coil terminal to prevent shorts due to metal attachment.

4. One may select from among a ribbon-shaped beam best suited to metal deposition or a spot beam best suited for oxides or compounds.


EGN, an EB gun for metal deposition

[Sales and future development]

ULVAC will launch the EGN Series of EB guns for metal deposition in November. With this product, we are targeting domestic and overseas vacuum device manufacturers; our offices in Japan as well as those of our overseas subsidiaries stand ready to comprehensively support our customers. Our sales goal is a total of 10 units during the first fiscal year. The EGN-206M, which has six crucibles with a capacity of 20 cc, and the EGN-406M, which has six crucibles with a capacity of 40 cc, are planned to be sold for 1.8 million yen each.

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