Starting to sell "Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measuring System ZEM-5 series"
corresponding to the features of various kinds of thermoelectric materials

July 2, 2012 ULVAC-RIKO, Inc.

ULVAC-RIKO, Inc.(Head office: Yokohama, Kanagawa; President and CEO: Yoshikazu Ishii) has developed “Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measuring System ZEM-5 series” specialized in each application and will start to sell from July.

We have developed and are now selling “Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measuring System ZEM-3” corresponding to the performance evaluation of thermoelectric materials.
Recently, effectively using energy has been encouraged along with the emission reduction of CO2 . The requests for power saving have been increased and the developments of energy saving technique have been accelerated since last year’s East Japan earthquake.
Attentions to thermoelectric materials have been drawn as a maintenance free and a clean technology since they are converted to electricity from heat without any driving part.
As developments of thermoelectric materials have been advanced, the performance evaluation with high level for various kinds of materials has been pursued. We have developed “ZEM-5 series” specialized in the features of various kinds of materials such as high temperature materials, high resistance materials and thin films, and so on.. We have supplied thermoelectric materials evaluation system to respond to the detailed requirements of various kinds of materials.

“Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measuring System ZEM-5 series” which we are ready to start to sell, specializes in the specification corresponding to features of various kinds of materials.
We adopted C type thermocouple with low reaction as Si series thermoelectric materials. We reviewed measurement system to measure higher resistance (Actual measurement:10MΩ) which are equal to that of oxide thermoelectric materials. We have developed optimization of sample assembly and measurement method to evaluate thin films (nano order), low-middle temperature type specialized in the needs of evaluation at close to room temperature and the evaluation of small sample with a few millimeter.


A series of performance evaluation of various thermoelectric materials with optimization.
Adopting C type thermocouple for optimum evaluation of Si series thermoelectric materials (SiGe、MgSi).
Diagnostic program of thermocouple to be equipped as a standard accessory.
Capable of controlling temperature up to 1200ºC(HT-high temperature type).
Capable of corresponding to high resistance up to (Actual measurement:10MΩ).(HR-high resistance type).
Capable of film measurements deposited on substrate(TF- thin film type).
Capable of the temperature control between -150ºC and 200ºC(LR-low-middle temperature type).

[Main specification]

Thermal properties Seebeck coefficient and electric resistance.
Sample size 2 - 4mm square or 2 - 4mmφx 3 - 15mm long (High temperature HT type).
Thin film Capable of confirming electric current nano order thin film deposited on the substrate of width 2- 4mm、thickness 0.4 - 1.2mm、and length 20mm through insulating layer (TF type).
Measurement accuracy Seebeck coefficient : ±7%
Electric resistance : ±7%(Excluding sample under 5mm long).
Temperature range 100〜1200ºC(HT High temperature type).

50〜800ºC (HR High resistance type).

50〜500ºC(TF Thin film type).
-150〜200ºC(LT Low-middle temperature type).
Atmosphere in decompressed He gas.
Thermocouple C thermocouple (HT High temperature type).

R thermocouple(TF Thin film type standard, HR High resistance type).
K thermocouple (LT Low-middle temperature type).
Data acquisition Desktop personal computer(OS:Windows 7).

[Utilities(HT type)]

Space requiremen About 750mm W x 900mm D (for desk area of system).

About 700mm W x 800mm D (for PC rack).
System dimension About 750mm W x 900mm D x About 750mm H(without projection).
Weight of system About 80 kg.
Power System:AC200V, 40 A(single phase +grounding one location).
Data acquisition:AC 100 V, 10 A(AC outlet 2 locations).
Cooling water Water pressure: 0.15 MPa, Flow rate: 5 L/min.
(City water or cooling water circulator)


Evaluation of Seebeck coefficient and electric resistance of thermoelectric materials.
Performance evaluation of Si series thermoelectric materials.
Performance evaluation of oxide thermoelectric materials.
Performance evaluation of thin film thermoelectric materials.

【Explanation of terms and image of system】



Panel will be exhibited at ULVAC booth of 「The 31st International & 10th European Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT&ECT 2012)」 in Denmark from July 9 to July 15, 2012.

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Total quantity: 10 systems (domestic and overseas).

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