A microbe activity measurement system
Starting the sales of "Spica/Antares/Leonis"

September 2, 2013 ULVAC-RIKO, Inc.

ULVAC-RIKO, Inc. (Headquartes: Yokohama Kanagawa, President: Dr.Narishi Gonohe) will start the sales of "Spica" "Antares" "Leonis" whose systems can evaluate the activity of a microbe (vitality) and the dynamics (Growth rate) by measuring "Quantity of heat" which is emitted from microbial cells. Those systems have features of capability of observing many samples simultaneously and non-destructively with a overwhelmingly little work, capturing the obtained data dynamically and obtaining them in the quantitative, in comparison with agar colony counting method and optical density measurement method with which a microbial activity is observed in the stationary condition. We expect that those systems will be useful for the researchers who are studying the decomposition and fermentation of foods, antiseptic effect such as antimicrobial agent against liquid/solid, soil environment and pollution, garbage disposal and wastewater treatment, and culture in which a microbe gets involved to execute research and development with not only the reduction of cost, time and labor but also obtaining many knowledge.
As a human being emits the heat while they are alive, all biological cells have an enthalpy change along with a metabolism and creates the heat corresponding to it. Those systems enable to obtain the growth rate of a microbe and the change of activity under various conditions by measuring the time for emitting micro quantity of heat from a microbe, keeping the sample under the environment held with a constant temperature.
As the dynamic behavior of the cell can be measured in the quantitative in a real time, those systems can be used in all fields not only foods but also the filed in which a microbe gets involved.
Those systems were developed under 2008-2010 JST advanced measurement analysis technique・development of devices and had been developed by The Keihanna Academy of Science & Culture・Institute of a microbe measurement system.

[Features of this system]

1. Various kinds of shaped sample can be measured non-destructively.
In case of agar colony counting method and optical density measurement method, only static information at that time can be obtained though they need a huge time and labor for preparing sample. However, this system enables to measure the dynamic behavior of a microbe without changing the shape under non-destructive condition even if the sample is non-uniform material including solid and liquid.
Various kinds of sample such as liquid medium, agar medium, a microbe medium such as wheat bran and urethane, and filed and rice paddy filed where a microbe gets involved, are available.
In the field of foods, the inspection of decomposition, anti-bacteria/antiseptic of materials, processed products, prepared foods, boil-in- the- bag-food can be done.
2. Capable of quantitative measurement
As this system enables to measure the quantity of heat in real time, the quantitative data of dynamic information of a microbe, constant of growth rate, or interaction curves of various kinds of drug which inhibits the growth, 50% concentration of inhibitors and 100% concentration of inhibitors can be obtained.
3. Capable of simultaneous measurement of many samples
As the setting of 24 vials/ampoules (Spica, Antares series), 8 lab. dishes (Leonis series) is possible, the simultaneous measurement by changing various kinds of parameter is possible which enables to increase remarkably the efficiency of research and development.

[Applications of this system]

This system can basically correspond to any sample assembly where growth of cells and a microbe may occur. The measurement examples are as follows.

Decomposition of food and understanding of antiseptic treatment
Fermentation of food/study of brewing
Study of general microbiology
Development of various kinds of antimicrobial agent
Study of cosmetic and antiseptic treatment → Study of antiseptic treatment of liquid
Precise evaluation of drug efficiency
Analysis of wheat bran, Urethane and other carrier culture
Soil environment and heavy metal/Evaluation of pesticide contamination materials influence
Evaluation of garbage treatment
Wastewater treatment/evaluation of soil remediation
Measurement of a microbe activity by irradiating Gamma ray and electron beam
Evaluation of antimicrobial performance of antimicrobial goods

Evaluation of antimicrobial performance of antimicrobial goods
As the safety of food/eating habits is recently getting important, the predicting method of a microbe pollution is very important and we expect this system can be applied in a wide range of fields as sure and reliable measures.

[Price and schedule]

We started to sell this system already. We will start the sales in full swing from September, 2013
Our selling price is 6.8 million yen. We expect to get the order of several units within this year.

[Exhibition information]

Actual system will be exhibited at ULVAC Booth (7 hall 7B-502) of "JASIS2013" Makuhari Messe, Chiba) from September 4 to September 6. It will be also exhibited at the booth of The Keihanna Academy of Science & Culture in "40th The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan (Osaka, Senri life science center)" from September 10 to September 11.

[A microbe activity measurement system Spica series]


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