PR Magazine No.69 (March 2020)

69e Since 1983, ULVAC Group had started publishing "ULVAC" which is the ULVAC Group's corporate communication magazine.

No.69 March 2020
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ULVAC Group’s PR Magazine No.69
(March 2020)



Making Bold Inroads into a New Business Area based on Core Technology
ーーWith an eye toward the continuous stable management in the future,
semiconductor-related business is combined with the life science-related business.


Guest: Dr. Stephen S. Schwartz
President & CEO
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Interviewer: Setsuo Iwashita
President & CEO, ULVAC, Inc.



Phase-change Memory Research in Which Any Point
Reached Marks a New Starting Point
ーーResearch policy taking a unique point of view with the motto,“We can do it if we try”


Junji Tominaga, PhD, Prime Senior Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
Nanoelectronics Research Institute Department of Electronics and Manufacruring


Special Feature Chigasaki City and ULVAC

From Chigasaki to the World
Origin of Technology Strategies and R&D


ULVAC's Benefactors1

Dr. Yoshijiro Ishikawa

ーーImpressive financial savvy in support of ULVAC during its startup period


ULVAC's Benefactors2

Toyo Seiki Vacuum Research Center

ーーBenefactors who opened the door for ULVAC to become a comprehensive manufacturer of vacuum equipment


ULVAC's Benefactors3

Dr. Chikara Hayashi
ーーA father of vacuum technology who contributed immensely to Japanese industry


The Story Behind the Founding of the Group Companies1

Service Business: ULVAC TECHNO, Ltd.


The Story Behind the Founding of the Group Companies2




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