Quality Policy

Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

All our companies are registered and ISO 9001, starting with the Fuji Susono plant, which was certified on April 25, 1995, as a pioneer in the vacuum deposition system industry at that time.
Since then, we have been promoting spiral-up of the quality management system and production innovations.

ULVAC Group Quality Policy

"Product quality assurance strengthens our customers' confidence in ULVAC."
- The ULVAC group is committed to promote ULVAC quality through front-loading in all business processes including development, sales, production and service and through offering products and services which include needs from all parts of the world.
- Each employee within the ULVAC group strives to ensure that their personal efforts contribute to the creation of value necessary to maintain the customer as an everlasting partner.

Action Policies

We comply with all rules and procedures.
We do not deliver any nonconforming products to the next process.
We observe delivery times to the next process.
We commit to the production budget.