Occupational Safety and Health

ULVAC Safety Basic Policy

By setting "Safety First" as our basic philosophy, we introduce a labor safety and hygiene management system to secure the safety and health of all employees and users via ULVAC products and services.

1. Compliance to the code/regulations, and implementation of risk assessment

Comply with Codes of Occupational Safety & Health Management and Rules according to ULVAC's OSHMS, and conduct Risk Assessment in order to perform Occupational Safety & Health Management activities with the help of all the employees.

2. Assure safety of ULVAC's products

Comply with ULVAC's standard for safety design and perform risk assessment of our products, in order to deliver our safe products and services to our customers.

3. Planned education about Occupational Safety & Health & Product Safety

For all the employees and contractor's employees, perform Occupational Safety & Health training based on ULVAC Safety Management system, while offering scheduled Product Safety training for our users.

4. Promotion of mental health care

Mental health care is promoted, and it is healthy and makes an active place of work.

5. Global expansion of ULVAC group

Through the Safety & Health promotion activities by the Global Safety Management Committee, we will try to create an appropriate work environment for the whole ULVAC group, and contribute to prosperity of our businesses.