Waste Management

Recycling Center

In the premises of ULVAC Headquarters Plant in Chigasaki, there is a recycling center that separates and collects waste materials. The primary-sorted waste materials that have been generated from the respective office floors and sites are accumulated in this recycling center and then secondary-sorted more strictly into 18 types.

Also, waste oil and liquid as well as PCB-polluted waste materials are stored securely in dedicated storage until they are passed to a recycling agency or JESCO (Japan Environmental Safety Corporation), respectively.

Recycling center
Storage for waste oil/liquid
Storage for PCB-polluted waste materials

Promotion of Waste Material Recycling

ULVAC has been switching the waste material processing agencies to those that are capable of recycling, aiming to promote the recycle of waste materials.


Driving for Zero Emission

Though the current recycling rate of the waste materials from ULVAC Headquarters Plant in Chigasaki remains at 87%, we look to achieve zero emission* in 2006 by reducing the waste materials, conducting strict sorting, and promoting recycling activities.
*Definition of "zero emission": 95% or more of the waste materials are recycled.