Eco-Friendly Facilities

Environmentally friendly facilities in Chigasaki Head Office / Plant

ULVAC contributes to the society environmentally not only by providing our environmentally friendly products with our unique techniques but also by introducing the latest ecological facilities in our Chigasaki Head Office / Plant.

Employment of Solar Panels
e_facit01The solar panels are installed on the roof of our headquarters' plant in Chigasaki. These solar panels have been manufactured using our manufacturing equipment.
Clean Room Air Conditioner Circulating Airflow Switching Control
e_facit02By providing air conditioners and airflow switching control, we have introduced a system that allows lowering the air conditioner fan power so that the airflow can be reduced to the minimum circulation flow rate when a clean room is not in operation, e.g. at night and on holidays, to maintain the cleaning capability.
Use of City Gas
By employing an absorption chiller using the city gas for air conditioning in clean room areas, electric power load can be equalized and carbon dioxide can be reduced.
Use of Ice Thermal Storage Building Multi-system
e_facit04We have employed the air conditioning system that generates and stores ice cubes during midnights when electricity charges are relatively lower and uses them during the day.